Finite Element Method (ECV5203)

Second Semester 2014-2015

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering


The course covers basic principles, formulation of the finite element method, element properties, isoparametric elements, plate bending elements, shell elements, finite element in dynamic analysis, nonlinear mechanics.


List of Students in Finite Element Method Course

No Name
1 Rajkumar Naidu a/l Nagathandarn
2 Muhamad Nasrullah bin Shahruddin
3 Tan Ee Leng
4 Mohd Zamri bin Hasan
5 Noes bin Jamaluddin
6 Lee Chong Lean
7 Tok Yee Lei
8 Nadia binti Azmi
9 V.Kishor Kumar a/l Vikneswaran
10 Amelia binti Abdul Malek
11 Kaldoon Hussain Ali
12 Mahir Mahmod Hason
13 Emadeddin Mustafa Shenteri
14 Idriss Moussa Ali
15 Soheil Nikpour Khoshkroudi
16 Sarah Jabbar Gatea
17 Mohamud Essa Omar
18 Chamara Irugalratne
19 Mustafa Kareem Hamzah
20 Azriani binti Makbul@Makhboll
21 Ghadanfar Elmamoun Ibrahiem Khogali
22 Mahmood Yahya Alkhateeb
23 Sief Aldeen Ahmed Odaa
24 Maryam Ozlati
25 Abdulkarem Ahmed Abdulqader Sharaf Addin
26 Mohamed Omran


Note: Test 1 will be held on Sunday 5 April in DP1.

Note: Based on request from most of students, the Test 1 for Finite Element is postponed to 12/04/2015, 10 am in DP1.

Note: The class for Finite Element Method will not be held on 28 May 2015, due to ARF DiREx program.


ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster Relief Exercises 2015  


Although Mr. Wong Chee Keong is no longer with us but he is always in our mind. May his soul rest in peace.

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Result of Test 1

Matric No Mark
GS37218 100
GS37350 100
GS39769 100
GS40368 100
GS40545 100
GS40017 95
GS37156 93
GS38808 93
GS39438 88
GS34961 84
GS39004 74
GS37763 68
GS39573 68
GS31879 65
GS43201 60
GS40152 58
GS40291 53
GS43036 47
GS41645 46
GS36940 41
GS43172 41
GS36877 40
GS36911 38
GS38979 38
GS37871 25
GS41602 0


Result of Test 2

Note: Question 3 is not considered for test 2 for this reason the marks are out of 70. Although who solved question 3 properly or partially, it is considered and mark is allocated.

Matric No Marks
GS37156 70
GS37350 68
GS39769 66
GS40368 65
GS38808 61
GS37218 59
GS40017 58
GS39438 54
GS43201 46
GS34961 41
GS40291 39
GS37763 38
GS38979 31
GS43172 31
GS39004 29
GS43036 29
GS39573 28
GS31879 26
GS38740 24
GS40545 22
GS36877 19
GS36911 18
GS36940 18
GS40152 18
GS41645 13
Out of 70


Final Grades

Matric No Grade
GS37156 A
GS37218 A
GS37350 A
GS38808 A
GS39438 A
GS39769 A
GS40017 A
GS40368 A
GS39228 B+
GS34961 B
GS37763 B-
GS39573 B-
GS40545 B-
GS43172 B-
GS43201 B-
GS31879 C+
GS36911 C+
GS36940 C+
GS40291 C+
GS38740 C
GS39004 C
GS38979 C-
GS40152 C-
GS36877 D+
GS43036 D+
GS41645 D
GS41602 F

NoteThose students who failed in this course or their study status is terminated, can re-sit for final exam on Monday 27 July at 2pm in my office.

Take every single chance as it could be a positive opportunity that enhance your future

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