Research Methodology (EAB5100) – First Semester 2020-2021

Research Methodology (EAB5100)

First Semester 2019-2020

Research is a procedure by which we attempt to find systematically, and with the support of demonstrable fact, the answer to a question or the solution of a problem.

List of Students

No Name
1 Alvin Poi Wai Hoong
2 Obiezeji Daberechi Cheryl
3 Hengameh Farah Pour
4 Han Xuan
5 Zhang Ling
6 Luo Na
7 Yang Yixuan
8 Al Radhi Yazeed Abdulmalek Mohammed
9 Dai Chenyang
10 Islam Md Nazrul
11 Veianthan a/l Jayaramu
12 Abdulateef Wisam Safaa Abdulateef
13 Nur Amira binti Ibrahim
14 Tian Jingli
15 Muhd Afiq Hizami bin Abdullah
16 Sha Chendi
17 Sanusi bin Hamat
18 Fatimahwati binti Hamzah
19 Zhou Zijun
20 Noor Liza Aidie binti Sapian
21 Mohd Ekhwan bin Razali
22 Mohd Firdaus bin Ibrahim
23 Jiang Yuan
24 Ma Ziwei
25 Ziyaee Navid
26 Godarzi Neda
27 Sakina Tamassoki
28 Geng Huixia
29 Abdulhafedh Salah Ahmed Abdulwahab
30 Jeyan a/l Vasudevan
31 Sadeghi Adel


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Teaching Assessment:
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Please use the following format for your submission name:

For Research Methodology Paper:

File Name: RM-GS#####.docx

For Research Methodology Paper turnitin report:

File Name: RM-GS#####.pdf

For Research Methodology Project:


Note: GS##### is Matric number. For example, the file name of paper for the student with matric no of GS54321 should be: RM-GS54321.docx

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Final Grades

Matric No Grades
GS59217 A
GS58628 A
GS56747 A
GS59360 A
GS58433 A
GS58162 A
GS58425 A
GS58039 A
GS58406 A
GS42877 A
GS58286 A
GS58649 A
GS59373 A
GS59455 A
GS58789 A
GS58856 A
GS59528 A-
GS58298 A-
GS58903 A-
GS59555 Suspended
GS59403 A-
GS59912 Suspended
GS57597 A-
GS58640 A-
GS58460 B+
GS53808 B+
GS58038 B+
GS58719 B+
GS58902 B+
GS59636 B+
GS58040 B

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