Advance Solid Mechanics (ECV5202) – 2011

First Semester 2011-2012

Final Grades:

Matric No Final Grades Remark
GS27764 A
GS27932 A
GS30856 A
GS29460 A-
GS30155 A-
GS30723 A-
GS30850 A-
GS30702 B+
GS31164 B+
GS26264 B
GS28692 B
GS29081 B
GS29685 B
GS29860 B
GS25255 B-
GS26867 B-
GS31080 B-
GS31151 B-
GS30705 C
GS29245 C Modified C-
GS30267 C- Modified D+
GS30916 C- Modified D+
GS32002 F
GS31373 F


Notice: All marks are modified 15%.

Notice: Probably the civil department is not accepting the more modification for GS29245, GS30267 and GS30916 because already 15% is applied. (Do Not Complain For Your Grades)

Notice: The Best Mark is for Mr. Hamed Khatibi . Well Done Hamed.


Final Exam Result:

Notice: The marks are just Final Exam marks.

Matric No Mark
GS30856 76
GS27932 69
GS27764 68
GS31164 56
GS29460 55
GS30850 53
GS26264 51
GS28692 50
GS30723 50
GS31080 50
GS30155 49
GS30702 48
GS31151 48
GS29081 46
GS29860 43
GS25255 39
GS29245 31
GS30916 30
GS26867 29
GS29685 29
GS30705 28
GS30267 6
GS32002 5
GS31373 0
Out of 100


Test 2 Result:


GS30723 70
GS31164 62
GS26867 61
GS30155 57
GS29685 54
GS30850 53
GS29081 53
GS30705 53
GS27764 51
GS29460 49
GS27932 49
GS31080 48
GS30702 47
GS28692 44
GS29860 41
GS31151 37
GS32002 37
GS30267 31
GS26264 26
GS29245 26
GS30916 TL
GS30856 TL

Out of 80

Notice: Question 1 is eliminated from Test 2 and exam mark is based on 80. But the mark of question 1 is given additionally to those students which answered to the question.


Notice: Using the advance calculator with programing abilities in final exams is prohibited.

The mark of Test 2 for those students which used this type of calculators is Zero.


Test 2

Test 2 will held on Monday 19 December 2011, at 7:30 to 9:30 pm in (BK05).


NoticeTest 2 will include of chapters 4, 5 and 6 of Valliappan book.

Also you can refer to the book in title of: “Advanced Mechanics of Materials”, authors: Roman Solecki and R. Jay Conant


Send me your group’s name, so I will inform you your group number (N).

Send soft copy of your assignment through email ( and hard copy to my mail box in civil department up to your final exam.

Assignment (Plasticity)
Test 1 Result:


GS30856 50
GS29460 42.5
GS27932 41.5
GS30723 32.5
GS26264 32
GS27764 32
GS29860 31
GS30850 30
GS29685 27
GS30155 27
GS30702 27
GS25255 23
GS26867 23
GS28692 17.5
GS30267 17
GS29081 15
GS31151 15
GS31164 15
GS30705 7.5
GS29245 7
GS31080 3
GS30916 2.5

Out of 50

Notice: Those students which marked through pink and red color are in worst condition and should made much effort for Test 2 and Final Test.


Assignment and Project Submission:

Send hard copy of your assignment or project to my mail box in Civil Department and send soft copy to the following email address:





Notice for Class:

Next class for solid mechanics will held on 5 December (Monday) at 6 to 8:30 pm

List of Students:
1 Muhd Tawfiq bin Kamal Nasharuddin
2 Yong Pei Ming
3 Tan Boon Cheong
4 Ramesh a/I Ramanathan
5 Mohamed Mohamud Salad
6 Raymond Cheng Hsien Loong
7 Abdilahi Bashir Omer
8 Dharshini alp Raman
9 Seah Wei Cheng
10 Doris Chiew Jing Tze
11 Kabiru Salisu Kiru
12 Chen Fook Yew
13 Fatin Hazwani binti Mohamad Najib
14 Chiew Sow Ing
15 Tan Jhen Shen
16 Seak Qi Meng
17 Abubakr Albashir Abdulhadi
18 Hamed Khatibi
19 Soheil Shafaei
20 Jehanzeb Khan Pathan
21 Aniyah Mahfuzah bt Mohd Zainuddin
22 Hersi Abdilahi Hersi
23 Hapsa binti Husen
24 Ali Jahanshahi


If your name is not in the list check with GSO as soon as possible.

Take every single chance as it could be a positive opportunity that enhance your future

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