Earthquake Resistance Structures (ECV5225) – 2012

Earthquake Resistance Structures (ECV5225) – 2012

Second Semester 2011-2012

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering



This course covers detailed review of the basics in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering with a basic overview of single-degree and multi-degree of freedom structural dynamics.

1 Tan Boon Cheong
2 Iraj Toloue Sheikhzadeh Yazd
3 Mohammad Reza Khojasteh
4 Ramesh a/l Ramanathan
5 Mohamed Mohamud Salad
6 Abdilahi Bashir Omer
7 Mohamed Abdisalam Aden
8 Hamed Khatibi
9 Soheil Shafaei
10 Hafez Taheri Heravi
11 Ramin Vaghei
12 Jehanzeb Khan Pathan
13 Alireza Bayat
14 Amir Fateh Azhdar
15 Seyed Ali Toussi
16 Seyed Hossein Mahdavi
17 Alireza Kashani


Password: Same Password of Previous Week Notes.

Submission time: 23 April through this web site.

Maximum 4 students in 1 group.

Submit Assignment

Note: We will discuss on your project in the class. So please prepare your self for the project.

The dead line for submit and present of the EQ project is 28of May.

If any body is completed the project early, he can present his work.


Password: Same Password of this Week Class.

Submission time: 20 Jun through this web site (Just in Microsoft Word or Excel Format).

Maximum 4 students in 1 group.

Test 2

The Test 2 will held on 4 of Jun in Civil Department meeting room (Level 6) at 7:45pm to 10 pm.

There is no class before exam.

Submit of Projects

The all project which presented during the semester by students should submit for grading.

You can submit the project of Earthquake Resistance Structures here: (Powerpoint file and report)

Submit Assignment

Result of Test 1:

Matric No Marks
GS30952 75
GS31399 73
GS27340 72
GS31050 71
GS30856 60
GS26916 59
GS26867 57
GS27932 55
GS32234 55
GS27764 51
GS31295 50
GS30841 48
GS31136 48
GS29081 45
GS31080 39
GS32989 38
GS30916 0
Out of 100

Result of Test 2:

Matric No Marks
GS26916 77
GS32989 68
GS30952 67
GS31399 65
GS32234 65
GS27340 64
GS30856 62
GS31295 55
GS27932 51
GS29081 51
GS31050 51
GS30841 47
GS26867 37
GS31136 35
GS27764 30
GS31080 22
GS30916 0
Out of 100

Final Grads of Earthquake Resistance Structures (ECV5225)

Matric No Grades
GS26916 A
GS31050 A
GS32234 A
GS27340 A-
GS30856 A-
GS30952 A-
GS31399 A-
GS31295 B+
GS27932 B+
GS32989 B
GS26867 B-
GS27764 B-
GS29081 B-
GS30841 B-
GS31080 C+
GS31136 C+
GS30916 F

Note: The all marks of tests are moderated.

Hopefully you learned this subject properly and what you earn in this courses be useful for you in designing of real earthquake resistance structures.


Best Luck

Farzad Hejazi