Advance Solid Mechanics (ECV5202) – 2014

Advance Solid Mechanics (ECV5202) – 2014

Second Semester 2013-2014

During this subject, the advanced concepts of solid mechanics will deliver.

List of Students

No Name
1 Rajkumar Naidu a/l Nagathandarn
2 Saeid Khalifehei
3 Ng Wan Chi
4 Chai Seong Wai
5 Mohammad Hossein Mehrabi
6 Esmaeil Ebrahimi
7 Lee Check Shin
8 Alireza Payesteh
9 Muhamad Nasrullah bin Shahruddin
10 Sardasht Sardar Weli
11 Seyyedeh Saghar Ghodsi
12 Khairul Taufiq bin Saidin
13 Mohammed Keiss Ali Shahir
14 Tan Ee Leng
15 Mohd Zamri bin Hasan
16 Noes bin Jamaluddin
17 Archanaah a/p Nadarajah
18 Paschal Dagang anak Kevin Akeu
19 Lee Chong Lean
20 Wong Chee Keong
21 Tok Yee Lei
22 Mohd Zawawi bin Zakaria
23 Nadia binti Azmi
24 Mohd Zuwairi bin Samsuddin
25 Mohammadhossein Moridshoushtari
26 Seri Ganis Kanapathy Pillay a/l Krishnan
27 V.Kishor Kumar a/l Vikneswaran
28 Amelia binti Abdul Malek
29 Ahmed Abdi Elmi Omar
30 Seyed Ali Mousavi
31 Kaldoon Hussain Ali
32 Tan Yee Pin
33 Mahir Mahmod Hason
34 Emadeddin Mustafa Shenteri
35 Hamoon Eigder
36 Soheil Nikpour Khoshkroudi
37 Sarah Jabbar Gatea
38 Hossein Esmaeili
39 Chamara Irugalratne
40 Noor Mohammad Emamzai


Note: Password of both assignments are same with the last class of Advance Solid Mechanic.

Submission of Assignment: You can submit the assignments through the following link before 10 June.

Submit Assignment

Result of Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS35919 95
GS37154 92
GS34138 90
GS35188 90
GS37350 88
GS37156 86
GS39769 83
GS34930 80
GS37525 75
GS38740 75
GS33727 72
GS35938 70
GS32835 66
GS36877 65
GS39438 65
GS39225 63
GS34484 61
GS33586 60
GS37218 60
GS37158 59
GS38808 57
GS34961 56
GS37233 54
GS39228 53
GS38746 52
GS37763 51
GS37938 51
GS31879 50
GS39808 49
GS36531 41
GS38979 31
GS34613 27
GS36940 26
GS37447 24
GS36911 23
GS37762 21
GS37871 18
GS36976 13
Out of 100


Notice about Assignment:

I didn’t received the assignment for the following students. Please send me your assignment as son as possible.




GS36877 (Assignment 1 only)

GS37447 (Assignment 1 only)

Final Grades of Advance Solid Mechanics (ECV5202)

Matric No Grade
GS37156 A
GS35919 A
GS34930 A
GS37154 A
GS34138 A
GS39438 A
GS35188 A
GS37158 A
GS32835 A-
GS37350 A-
GS38808 A-
GS37218 A-
GS38740 A-
GS39769 A-
GS37525 B+
GS36877 B
GS39225 B
GS35938 B
GS33727 B
GS39228 B
GS37763 B-
GS36531 B-
GS31879 B-
GS38746 C+
GS33586 C+
GS34961 C+
GS37233 C+
GS38979 C+
GS37447 C
GS37938 C
GS39808 C
GS34484 C-
GS37762 D+
GS36940 D
GS36911 D
GS37871 D
GS36976 D
GS34613 F


Re-Test For Advance Solid Mechanic

Re-Test Exam for Advance Solid Mechanic (ECV5202) will be held on Monday 07/07/2014 at 2pm in Department of Civil. So, those students who failed in this subject and based on their CPGA, their status is Prohibited or Terminated, can sit for final exam again. The questions will include of all chapters which taught by Dr. Izan and myself. Please prepare your self properly. Please inform to your friend too. Thank you and best luck.