Finite Element Method (ECV5203)

Second Semester 2012-2013

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering


The course covers basic principles, formulation of the finite element method, element properties, isoparametric elements, plate bending elements, shell elements, finite element in dynamic analysis, nonlinear mechanics.


List of Students in Finite Element Method Course

1 Andy Yong Sui How
2 Wan Abdul Razak bin Wan Ibrahim
3 Zakaris bin Agustar
4 Mahmood Hayder Mohammed
5 Saeid Khalifehei
6 Seyedfariborz Hashemidizaji
7 Jafirusny bin Jamaludin
8 Amirhossein Shahbazian
9 Ng Wan Chi
10 Mohd Khairy bin Abdul Khalek
11 Zaid Mohammed Ghazi
12 Chai Seong Wai
13 Mohanad Kadhem Ali Al-Jabri
14 Show Bor Jlunn
15 Iraj Toloue Sheikhzadeh Yazd
16 Mohammed Yousif Awad Kaboushia
17 Mohammad Hossein Mehrabi
18 Mohammadhannan Azari
19 Arash Rahimipour
20 Rhoderick Cimatu Camit
21 Mohd Zulhilmi bin Zulkurnain
22 Mas Era Karlina binti Mohd Fauzi
23 Hossein Mostamery
24 Soroosh Abbasi
25 Esmaeil Ebrahimi
26 Mohamed Aden Sheikh Nur
27 Abdirahman Mohamed Yasin
28 Lee Check Shin
29 Patrick Basun @ Patrick Woon
30 Chin Woon Kheong
31 Mohammed S. S. Deyazada
32 Salizawati binti Kamaruzzaman
33 Rahayu binti Ali
34 Alireza Payesteh
35 Masoud Fazel
36 Sardasht Sardar Weli
37 Samih Ayad Mahmood Sameh
38 Heshmatollah Abdi
39 Ho Chee Siang
40 Abdibaasid Ali Yassein
41 Seyyedeh Saghar Ghodsi
42 Kachalla Mohammed
43 Khairul Fauzy bin Saidin
The training course for “Literature Review & Research”
 The training course for “Literature Review & Research” for Master Students who involved with Independent Study or Master Project will held on this Saturday (09/03/2013), 2 pm to 5 pm in BK4.
 The training course will include of following topics:
  1. How to start to do research.
  2. Development of research strategy.
  3. Research Progress.
  4. Literature review steps.
  5. Finding proper Journal paper, thesis or projects.
  6. Visual Search Engines.
  7. Search and download paper form Sciencedirect, Scopus or other sources.
  8. How to review of paper.
  9. Literature review writing skill.
  10. References style.
  11. Reference Management.
  12. Use of ENDNOTE.
  13. Use of Mendeley.
  14. Basics of SYSTEMATIC WORDS.
 Anybody interested for this topics, can join to the course.
Submit Assignment

Test 1

 The Test 1 will held on Thursday 04/04/2013 in DP1, 8 pm up to 10 pm.

Result of Test 1

Matric No Marks
GS33655 98
GS34405 92
GS33780 90
GS34138 90
GS35919 90
GS33327 83
GS33384 83
GS34484 83
GS32835 80
GS33862 80
GS34156 80 (To be Decide)
GS34635 80
GS34170 75 (To be Decide)
GS34188 75
GS34255 75
GS34930 75
GS35126 75
GS35470 73
GS34065 72
GS34565 70
GS31578 65
GS36232 63
GS34862 62
GS34891 60
GS33586 52
GS34204 50
GS34895 50
GS34291 48
GS32567 46
GS35742 43
GS31061 40
GS36340 40
GS33589 35
GS30798 30
GS33844 25
GS34564 25
GS31879 3
Out of 100
ABAQUS Software
You can use the following link to learn about modeling with ABAQUS Software:
LUSAS Software
You can download all instruction regarding LUSAS Software

Test 2

Test 2 for ECV5203 will held on Thursday 23/05/2013 at 8pm to 10 pm in DP1.

Course Evaluation:

Please give your evaluation for ECV5203 through this link:
Thank you.

Note: Please for the project submission, put all modeling files and excel and report file in a folder and compress it using WinZip or Winrar program and submit the zipped file.

Result of Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS34635 93
GS34156 87
GS35470 87
GS33384 81
GS35126 79
GS32567 77
GS33327 70
GS34891 70
GS33655 69
GS34065 68
GS34291 66
GS34405 65
GS34138 62
GS34484 61
GS34930 61
GS34170 59
GS36232 57
GS33780 55
GS32835 52
GS33589 52
GS34255 50
GS34564 48
GS34862 48
GS35742 48
GS35919 47
GS34565 38
GS33586 37
GS36340 35
GS31578 29
GS34895 24
GS34188 23
GS34204 22
GS33844 20
GS31061 16
GS30798 1
Out of 100

Final Grades of Finite Element Method

Matric No Grade
GS35919 A
GS34405 A
GS34635 A
GS33384 A
GS34170 A
GS34930 A-
GS35470 A-
GS34156 A-
GS33655 A-
GS35126 A-
GS32835 A-
GS34138 A-
GS33780 B+
GS34891 B+
GS34484 B+
GS34255 B+
GS34065 B+
GS34862 B+
GS36232 B
GS33327 B
GS34565 B
GS34291 B
GS33586 B
GS32567 B-
GS34895 B-
GS33589 B-
GS31578 B-
GS34204 B-
GS33844 B-
GS34564 C+
GS34188 C+
GS31061 C+
GS35742 C+
GS36340 C+
GS30798 F

NoticeThe all grades are modified.

Good Luck for all of you.

Take every single chance as it could be a positive opportunity that enhance your future

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