Advance Solid Mechanics (ECV5202) – 2017

Second Semester 2016-2017

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering


During this subject, the advanced concepts of solid mechanics will deliver.


1. Ward, J.P. (2013). Solid Mechanics: An Introduction. UK: Springer
2. Ibrahimbegovic, A. (2009), Nonlinear Solid Mechanics: Theoretical Formulations and Finite Element Solution Methods. France: Springer
3. Riley, W.F. (2006). Mechanics of Materials (6th Edition). New York: John Wiley & Sons.
4. Stephen P., Timoshenko, J.N. and Goodier. (2005). Theory of Elasticity. New York: McGraw-Hill.
5. Gere, J.M., Timoshenko, S.P. and Ismail, A. (2003). Mechanics of Material, Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes.
6. Megson, T.H.G. (2005). Structural and Stress Analysis, London: Butterworth-Heinemann.
7. Valliappan, S. (1985). “Continuum Mechanics Fundamental”.


List of Students

No Name
1 Maryam Ozlati
2 Belal Naji Ali Al-Gabri
3 Sami Jamal Abdulrahman Humaid
4 Ezzaddin Yahya Mohammed AlHattabi
5 Suzliana binti Marsom
6 Lim Teck Huat
7 Deaa Abduljabbar Ahmad Mizher
8 Mustafa Azeez Bahedh
9 Mohamed Lamine Zeggar
10 Ali Abdulamir Yasser
11 Abdisabir Yousuf Muhumed
12 Amjed Hasan Ali Al-Kharsan
13 Haqimah binti Hairum
14 Dirie Mohamed Awale
15 Ahmed Badi Ahmed Al-Mahgani
16 Abdirizak Abdikarim Musse
17 Abdallah Adnan Abdallah Al-Oran
18 Khaled Waleed Abdullah Mahram
19 Ayinla Nafiu Yeketi
20 Alzahid Ibrahim Suliman Mohamed Khair
21 Nur Aifaa binti Azman
22 Yong Yee Yoong
23 Abdilahi Farah Ali
24 Abdallah Suleiman Ally
25 Ahmed Mohamed Hamud
26 Olabimtan Stephen Babajide
27 Norasyikin bt Mt Nanyan
28 Wong Sui Kieng
29 Ikhsan bin Sirat
30 Yap Haw Shin
31 Shahrul Efendi bin Haji Zaini @ Norani
32 Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Balfakher
33 Waseem Abdulwahab Ahmed Anaam
34 Gheyath Ali Abdulameer
35 Ammar O.Y. Alothmani
36 Al-Mashgari Hafedh Abdullah Yaslam
37 Al-Dulaimi Ahmed Drai Ahmed
38 Talib Khalid Waleed Talib
39 Nagad Osman Aden


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Note: The replacement class will be held on 26/02/2017 in BK4 at 10am to 1pm.

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Note: The test 1 will be conducted on 25 March 2017 at 10am in DP1.

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Note: The lecture for Advance Solid Mechanic will not be conducted on 21/05/2016 due to public holiday (Wesak Day). The replacement class will be bu the next week after Test 2. (11am to 2pm). Please inform to your friends as well.

Teaching Assessment:

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Result for Test 1

Matric No Test 1
GS47716 100
GS47689 98
GS48636 98
GS45437 95
GS45434 93
GS47127 89
GS46949 86
GS47409 79
GS47588 76
GS48971 76
GS48121 75
GS48338 61
GS43731 60
GS48491 59
GS48858 57
GS46209 50
GS48424 50
GS45623 49
GS47823 48
GS46249 47
GS48993 47
GS48133 45
GS47617 42
GS47959 41
GS48126 35
GS48933 32
GS47708 30
GS47670 25
GS48500 17
GS48457 15
GS48705 15
GS48301 11
GS41602 3
GS48834 3
GS49007 2
Out of 100


Result for Test 2

Matric No Test 2
GS48636 87
GS46949 84
GS45434 79
GS48858 75
GS48971 73
GS48121 72
GS47716 70
GS48133 70
GS45437 65
GS47689 65
GS47588 62
GS46249 60
GS47127 60
GS47617 60
GS47959 60
GS43731 58
GS47823 57
GS45632 56
GS47670 51
GS48834 50
GS48424 49
GS46209 47
GS48301 46
GS47409 43
GS48338 36
GS48993 35
GS49007 25
GS47708 24
GS48491 19
GS48126 14
Out of 100


Final Grades

Note: The marks of Test 1, Test 2 and Final Test are highly moderated.

Matric No Grade
GS48636 A
GS46949 A
GS43731 A
GS47127 A
GS48858 A
GS47716 A
GS48133 A
GS46209 A-
GS48971 A-
GS45632 A-
GS47588 B+
GS48121 B+
GS46249 B+
GS47409 B
GS48491 B-
GS48338 C+
GS48424 C+
GS47670 C+
GS47617 C-
GS48993 C-
GS48834 C-
GS49007 D
GS48126 D
GS47708 D
GS48301 F
GS48500 F
GS48705 F
GS48457 F

Note:The re-sit Exam for Advanced Solid Mechanics will be conducted on 19/07/2017 by 2pm in the department of Civil Engineering.


Grade for re-sit exam

Matric No New Grade
GS47708 B-
GS48301 C
GS48834 C
GS48993 B-

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