Advance Structural Analysis (ECV 5201)

First Semester 2015-2016

The course covers for Analysis of Structures using Stiffness  Method.

List of Students in ECV5201

No Name
1 Archanaah a/p Nadarajah
2 Tan Yee Pin
3 Yusuf Yaqoob Yusuf Hasan Abdulla Buzaboon
4 Mustafa Yahya Ahmed Al-Shami
5 Yong Pei Yin
6 Mohammed Jasim Mohammed
7 Raja Putri Zarifh Ana binti Raja Soh
8 Rasheed Abed Hammood
9 Wasim Abdulhakim Saleh
10 Saddam Mansour Ali Ankaa
11 Noaman Mohammed Ridha Noaman
12 Hashim Ali Hashim
13 Mohammed Imad Shamsulddin
14 Mohammed Nasser Ali Alharbi
15 Azunna Sunday Ugochukwu
16 Ahmed Ali Ahmed Saleh
17 Altraifi ,Tariq Homoud A
18 Mohd Eizzuddin bin Mahyeddin
19 Ashref Abdala M.A Al Azreq
20 Ooi Yew Kun
21 Fadi Hassan Mohammed Al-Khatib
22 Sri Maryazie binti Mohamad Nor
23 Ong Kah Siong
24 Waleed Mohamd Saed Al-Hilali
25 Belal Naji Ali Al-Gabri
26 Wong Chien Chan
27 Mohammed Baqer Hasan Ali
28 Nurul Anis Aniza binti Mohd Zamri
29 Derhem Taher Ahmed Al Salahi
30 Dhurgham Adnan Kadhim
31 Muhamad Fikri bin Noor Ali
32 Muhammad Firdaus bin Razali
33 Abdikani Abshir Ahmed
34 Shaiban Mohammed Saleh Saeed
35 Mohamed Abukar Ali
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Notice: The class for Advance Structural Analysis will be held on 31/10/2015 at 10am to 1pm in BK7.

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Notice: Test 2 will be held on 19 December 2015 at 6:00 pm in DP2.

Teaching Assessment:

Please make your evaluation for course teaching through this link:
Thank you.


Result for Test 1

Note: The marks are highly moderated.

Matric No Marks
GS43610 98
GS43953 96
GS41664 95
GS43199 95
GS43073 94
GS44227 94
GS43036 91
GS43731 90
GS43626 88
GS44225 85
GS41035 85
GS43043 82
GS43500 80
GS44331 78
GS42493 76
GS38746 72
GS43538 72
GS44648 67
GS45126 67
GS43055 65
GS43995 65
GS42934 61
GS43172 59
GS42740 49
GS44330 49
GS43667 45
GS43625 42
GS42035 34
GS42512 33
GS43670 32
GS44835 28
GS40551 25
GS43482 25
GS36976 20
GS43956 18

The marks are out of 100.


Result for Test 2

Matric No Mark
GS43500 95
GS43953 94
GS43610 93
GS43626 93
GS43731 92
GS43538 83
GS43036 82
GS45126 79
GS44225 76
GS43201 75
GS44331 75
GS44648 75
GS41664 73
GS43043 70
GS43172 63
GS43625 63
GS43073 60
GS44227 60
GS38746 56
GS43015 55
GS43055 55
GS44835 43
GS43667 42
GS43199 41
GS43995 40
GS36976 38
GS40551 38
GS42493 36
GS43482 35
GS44330 33
GS42512 31
GS42740 30
GS42934 30
GS43670 28
GS42035 25
GS43956 18
Out of 100



Attention for those students who are working or dealing with consultancy or construction companies. We would like to set up an interview for a market research program by UPM regarding design and construction of Structures in Malaysia or overseas. It would be appreciated if you arrange the meeting for our interviewer with your company. This issue can be consider as a part of your class activity and will improve your assignment mark. Please send the information of your company and your hand phone number to this email to contact with you.


Thank you. 

Submit Assignment

Final Grades

Those groups which uploaded their assignment as pdf file, please upload your word or excel file to confirm your marks. Thank you.

Note: The marks are highly moderated.

Matric No Grade
GS41664 A
GS43500 A
GS43610 A
GS43731 A
GS43953 A
GS44227 A
GS45126 A
GS43036 A
GS43015 A-
GS43043 A-
GS43073 A-
GS43199 A-
GS43626 A-
GS44225 A-
GS44331 A-
GS43201 B
GS43538 B
GS38746 B+
GS43055 B+
GS43625 B+
GS44648 B+
GS42493 B-
GS43172 B-
GS43667 B-
GS43995 B-
GS44835 B-
GS42934 C+
GS40551 C
GS42035 C
GS42512 C
GS42740 C
GS36976 C-
GS43482 C-
GS43670 C-
GS43956 C-
GS44330 C-

NoteThe retest exam for those students who failed in course or terminated (CGPA<3) will be held on 22/1/2016 at 10:00am in Civil Engineering Department. Please email me if you are in condition of re-sit exam. Thank you.

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