Finite Element Method (ECV5203)

Second Semester 2015-2016

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering


The course covers basic principles, formulation of the finite element method, element properties, isoparametric elements, plate bending elements, shell elements, finite element in dynamic analysis, nonlinear mechanics.


1. Logan D. (2011). A First Course in the Finite Element Method. USA: Thomson Punlisher.
2. Ramamurty, G. (2010). Applied Finite Element Analysis. India: I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd
3.Bathe, K.J. (2007). Finite Element Procedures. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
4. Reddy J.N. (2006). An Introduction to Finite Element Methods (3rd Edition). Singapore: Mc Graw Hill.
5. Zienkiewicz, O. C., Taylor, R. L. and Zhu, J.Z. (2005). The Finite Element Method: Its Basis and Fundamentals. London: Butterworth-Heinemann.
6. Cook R.D., Davis, S.M. and Plesha, M.E. (2000). Concepts and Applications of Finite element


List of Students in Finite Element Method Course

No Name
1 Archanaah a/p Nadarajah
2 Nabeel Abd Al Hamzah Kzar
3 Izham bin Wahab @ Hassan Basari
4 Devi a/p Peechmani
5 Zain Noor Pasha
6 Yusuf Yaqoob Yusuf Hasan Abdulla Buzaboon
7 Mohamad Fauzan bin Jumaat
8 Chao Yuen Sun
9 Faizal Mohd Ismail
10 Amjad Ali Khudheyer
11 Aida Mastura binti Romli
12 Ali Altaher Jibril Altaher Alhaddad
13 Laith Nasser Hussain
14 Noor Syawal Lina binti Halim
15 Muhamad Faez bin Abd Ghani
16 Lee Mei Fei
17 Iman Sadeq Hasan
18 Mustafa Yahya Ahmed Al-Shami
19 Yong Pei Yin
20 Mohammed Jasim Mohammed
21 Raja Putri Zarifh Ana binti Raja Soh
22 Wasim Abdulhakim Saleh
23 Shahrizal bin Abd Rasid
24 Saddam Mansour Ali Ankaa
25 Hashim Ali Hashim
26 Mohammed Imad Shamsulddin
27 Azunna Sunday Ugochukwu
28 Ong Kah Siong
29 Belal Naji Ali Al-Gabri
30 Mohammed Baqer Hasan Ali
31 Dhurgham Adnan Kadhim
32 Shaiban Mohammed Saleh Saeed
33 Sami Jamal Abdulrahman Humaid
34 Ezzaddin Yahya Mohammed AlHattabi
35 Wirrwan bin Mohamed Haniff
36 Mustafa Azeez Bahedh
37 Rasheed Abed Hammood
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Notice about replacement Class:

Replacement Class will be conducted on Sunday, 17 April 2016 at 9am-12am in BK4.

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Notice about Class: 

The class for Finite Element Method will be conducted on Sunday, 1 May 2016 at 9am-12am in BK4 as usual.

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Teaching Assessment:

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Result of Test 1

Matric No Mark
GS41534 88
GS43199 88
GS39899 83
GS43731 83
GS45437 83
GS43055 80
GS40836 79
GS40754 78
GS41664 78
GS42493 73
GS43015 72
GS44227 72
GS42035 68
GS40653 67
GS43073 64
GS40436 63
GS40473 61
GS40783 60
GS42996 59
GS40575 57
GS42934 55
GS40646 54
GS40769 54
GS43667 53
GS46249 50
GS43956 48
GS40400 47
GS36976 44
GS44835 43
GS45434 42
GS42740 40
GS42512 25
GS41201 7
Out of 100


Result of Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS41534 96
GS40754 83
GS40436 70
GS39899 67
GS43073 57
GS40836 52
GS43731 51
GS43055 49
GS45437 49
GS42493 42
GS43199 42
GS44227 41
GS41664 37
GS46249 34
GS40575 25
GS40653 23
GS36976 21
GS42035 20
GS43956 18
GS40473 16
GS40551 15
GS41396 15
GS40400 14
GS43015 11
GS45434 10
GS40646 8
GS40769 8
GS41201 7
GS43667 4
GS42996 3
GS40783 1
GS42512 1


Notice about Assignments

For the following students I didn’t receive their assignment yet. They have to submit at least by 25/6/2016. Thank you.

Nabeel Abd Al Hamzah Kzar
Laith Nasser Hussain
Wasim Abdulhakim Saleh
Mohammed Baqer Hasan Ali
Ezzaddin Yahya Mohammed AlHattabi
Mustafa Azeez Bahedh

Questionaries Regarding Quality of Master Program

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Marks for Final Exam

Matric No Mark
GS44227 99
GS40754 95
GS43015 87
GS39899 82
GS43073 79
GS43055 75
GS43731 72
GS41534 69
GS45437 66
GS43199 62
GS46249 54
GS40551 44
GS42493 44
GS40400 42
GS40436 41
GS40836 41
GS40473 40
GS40783 38
GS41664 36
GS40575 35
GS42934 31
GS41396 30
GS36976 29
GS42996 29
GS40769 25
GS42035 21
GS42512 17
GS43956 16
GS40646 15
GS40653 13
GS41201 12
GS43667 7

Final Grades

Note: The marks for Test 1, Test 2 and specially for Final Exam are highly moderated.

Matric No Grade
GS40754 A
GS44227 A
GS41534 A
GS39899 A
GS43055 A
GS43073 A
GS43731 A-
GS43015 A-
GS43199 A-
GS45437 B+
GS40436 B
GS40836 B
GS42493 B-
GS46249 B-
GS41664 B-
GS40473 C+
GS40400 C+
GS40783 C+
GS40575 C+
GS40551 C
GS42934 C
GS42035 C
GS36976 C
GS40769 C
GS41396 C
GS40653 C
GS42996 C
GS40646 C-
GS43956 D+
GS42512 D
GS43667 D
GS41201 F

Best luck and all the best.


Re-sit Exam

The date for Re-Sit exam for Finite Element Method is 3 August 2016 at 2pm in Meeting Room of Civil Department. Please note that the Re-Sit exam is only for Final exam and it is not for Test 1 and Test 2. (Your carry mark will be remained same and no change)

The condition for Re-Sit exam is having failed mark (D or F) or semester CGPA is in prohibited condition. Please bring print of your CPGA and course marks in your portal. Best luck.

Grades after Re-Sit Exam

Matric No New Grade
GS40551 C+
GS41201 C
GS42512 C+
GS43956 C+

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