Earthquake Resistance Structures (ECV5225) – 2014

Second Semester 2013-2014

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering


This course covers detailed review of the basics in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering with a basic overview of single-degree and multi-degree of freedom structural dynamics.


Earthquake Resistance Structures Class Notes.

“Fundamental of Seismic Loading On Structures”. Tapan K. Sen, WILEY

“Tall Building Structures: Analysis and Design”. Bryan Stafford Smith, Alex Coull. JOHN WILEY

Any book related to Earthquake and Design of Earthquake Resistance Structures.

List of Students

No Name
1 Lee Li Keat
2 Alireza Zabihi Shahri
3 Mohd Khairy bin Abdul Khalek
4 Mohammad Hossein Mehrabi
5 Muhamad Nasrullah bin Shahruddin
6 Sardasht Sardar Weli
7 Pouria Habib Elahian
8 Keyhan Karimzadeh
9 Seyyedeh Saghar Ghodsi
10 Arash Mehravan
11 Hamed Abdipour Vosta
12 Doaa Talib Hashim
13 Pejman Farahani
14 Ebrahim Abdulmalek Abdulrahman
15 Noor Mohammad Emamzai

NoteYou can download both codes using same password for 15 March class’s notes.

Course Evaluation:

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Test 2 for ECV5225
Due to limitation for booking class on Saturday night, the Test 2 will be done at 6pm to 8 pm in Bk 6.

Submission of Assignments and Project: 

Please submit the assignments and project through the following link. For the project, please make a folder with the title of “EQ-PRJ-GS#####” and put all soft copy of your report, your group presentation file, soft copy of your modelling and analysis with software and any additional file such as excel file. Then zip the folder using Winrar and upload in the website. Please submit all before 10 June.

Submit Assignment

Result of Test 1

Matric No Marks
GS35772 85
GS34138 81
GS35919 80
GS34961 79
GS35188 77
GS36516 70
GS32751 68
GS33589 65
GS35771 63
GS36543 60
GS36873 55
GS37867 51
GS37358 17


Result of Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS35772 85
GS37867 83
GS35771 70
GS35919 70
GS36543 62
GS36873 62
GS34138 61
GS32751 59
GS34961 59
GS36516 57
GS35188 54
GS33589 53
GS37358 50


Final Grades of Earthquake Resistance Structures (EVC5225)

Matric No Grades
GS34138 A
GS35771 A
GS35772 A
GS35919 A
GS33589 A-
GS34961 A-
GS36516 A-
GS36873 A-
GS37867 A-
GS32751 B+
GS35188 B
GS36543 B
GS37358 B-

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