Finite Element Method (ECV5203)

Second Semester 2013-2014

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering


The course covers basic principles, formulation of the finite element method, element properties, isoparametric elements, plate bending elements, shell elements, finite element in dynamic analysis, nonlinear mechanics.

List of Students in Finite Element Method Course

No Name
1 Fatin Hazwani binti Mohamad Najib
2 Rajkumar Naidu a/l Nagathandarn
3 Chai Seong Wai
4 Mabrooka A. Elmasri Fahdil
5 Lee Check Shin
6 Sardasht Sardar Weli
7 Azmi bin Mohammad@ Hassan
8 Abdulrahman Abdulwahab Murshed Nahshal
9 Pouria Habib Elahian
10 Keyhan Karimzadeh
11 Reza Saadatkhah
12 Arash Mehravan
13 Mohammed Keiss Ali Shahir
14 Hamed Abdipour Vosta
15 Nakitto Nuru
16 Doaa Talib Hashim
17 Tan Ee Leng
18 Abdulmohaimen Imad Mohammed
19 Paschal Dagang anak Kevin Akeu
20 Wong Chee Keong
21 Tok Yee Lei
22 Mohd Zawawi bin Zakaria
23 Abdulrashid Baidod Abdi
24 Azman bin Zakariah
25 Mohd Zuwairi bin Samsuddin
26 Hussein Ahmed Ahmed Nasser
27 Mohammadhossein Moridshoushtari
28 Yazeed Abdulmalek Mohammed Al-Radhi
29 Ebrahim Abdulmalek Abdulrahman Al-Qalisi
30 Ahmed Abdi Elmi Omar
31 Mohd Rizam bin Zulkifli
32 Hamdi Abdulrahman Saif Salem
33 Seyed Ali Mousavi
34 Arafa Suleiman Juma
35 Imad Shakir Abbood
36 Amin Ali Ali Al-Fakih
37 Maged Mohammed Ahmed Qasem
38 Noraini binti Khairuddin
39 Tan Yee Pin
40 Hazem Mahmood Yaseen Al-Husaini
41 Hamdan bin Ahmad

Notes: You can download LUSAS instruction using same password for 20 March class’s notes.

Course Evaluation:

Please give your evaluation for course through this link:
The instruction is available as following link.
Thank you.
Result of Test 1 

Note: All marks are moderated. (+10%)

Matric No Mark
GS38690 94.4
GS38913 92.2
GS36516 78.9
GS35771 75.6
GS35772 75.6
GS36543 75.6
GS35188 73.3
GS33834 72.2
GS33727 70.0
GS37154 70.0
GS37866 68.9
GS37867 67.8
GS38746 67.8
GS30267 62.2
GS36531 61.1
GS36873 58.9
GS35102 58.9
GS35604 56.7
GS37158 55.6
GS34613 52.2
GS38386 52.2
GS37233 51.1
GS37447 48.9
GS37519 47.8
GS35448 46.7
GS36987 45.6
GS39808 44.4
GS38351 43.3
GS38412 43.3
GS36575 38.9
GS37334 38.9
GS37938 34.4
GS37977 33.3
GS38034 31.1

Note: Password is same of Notes for Week 13.

Submission of Assignments and Project:

Please submit the assignments and project through the following link. For the project, please make a folder with the title of “FEM-PRJ-GS#####” and put all soft copy of your report, your group presentation file, softcopy of your modelling and analysis with software and any additional file such as excel file. Then zip the folder using Winrar and upload in the website. Please submit all before 10 June.

Submit Assignment

Result of Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS38913 95
GS37866 93
GS35771 87
GS35188 86
GS38690 81
GS35448 78
GS36531 78
GS36516 74
GS36543 72
GS38412 72
GS37867 70
GS30267 68
GS37154 67
GS37158 65
GS35772 63
GS38034 62
GS35102 62
GS36873 60
GS33834 59
GS33727 55
GS36987 55
GS37447 54
GS38386 54
GS37233 53
GS35173 52
GS37977 43
GS37519 39
GS38351 38
GS38746 35
GS37322 30
GS37334 18
GS36575 17
GS34613 7
Out of 100


Final Grades of Finite Element Method Course (ECV5203) 

Matric No Grade
GS35188 A
GS35771 A
GS35772 A
GS36516 A
GS36531 A
GS37866 A
GS37867 A
GS38690 A
GS38913 A
GS35448 A-
GS35604 A-
GS36543 A-
GS37154 B+
GS30267 B
GS33727 B
GS33834 B
GS36873 B
GS37158 B
GS38034 B
GS38412 B
GS35102 B
GS35173 B
GS37233 B-
GS37519 B-
GS38386 B-
GS36987 C+
GS38746 C+
GS39808 C+
GS36575 C
GS37447 C
GS37977 C
GS34613 D+
GS38351 D+
GS37322 D
GS37334 D

Note: The group for GS 37158 needed to send word file of their project report.

Re-Test For Finite Element Method ECV 5203

Re-Test Exam for Finite Element Method (ECV5203) will be held on Friday 11/07/2014 at 2:45 pm in Department of Civil. So, those students who failed in this subject and based on their CPGA, their status is Prohibited or Terminated, can sit for final exam again. The questions will include of all material of 14 weeks class and please prepare your self properly. Please inform to your friend too. Thank you and best luck.

All the best for all of you. 


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