Structural Dynamic (ECV5204) – UPM – Malaysia – 2015

First Semester 2015-2016 – UPM

The course covers dynamic response of single degree of freedom system, damped single degree of freedom system, response to harmonic and periodic excitation, general dynamic loading, multi-degree of freedom systems and nonlinear response of multi-degree of freedom systems. 

List of Students

No Name
1 Archanaah a/p Nadarajah
2 Abdulrashid Baidod Abdi
3 Yazeed Abdulmalek Mohammed AlRadhi
4 Mohd Rizam bin Zulkifli
5 Maged Mohammed Ahmed Qasem
6 Kaldoon Hussain Ali
7 Hazem Mahmood Yaseen Al-Husaini
8 Mohamud Essa Omar
9 Nabeel Abd Al Hamzah Kzar
10 Mustafa Kareem Hamzah
11 Azriani binti Makbul@Makhboll
12 Ghadanfar Elmamoun Ibrahiem Khogali
13 Mahmood Yahya Alkhateeb
14 Izham bin Wahab @ Hassan Basari
15 Devi a/p Peechmani
16 Zain Noor Pasha
17 Sief Aldeen Ahmed Odaa
18 Yusuf Yaqoob Yusuf Hasan Abdulla Buzaboon
19 Mohamad Fauzan bin Jumaat
20 Chao Yuen Sun
21 Faizal Mohd Ismail
22 Amjad Ali Khudheyer
23 Aida Mastura binti Romli
24 Ali Altaher Jibril Altaher Alhaddad
25 Laith Nasser Hussain
26 Noor Syawal Lina binti Halim
27 Muhamad Faez bin Abd Ghani
28 Lee Mei Fei
29 Iman Sadeq Hasan
30 Abdulkarem Ahmed Abdulqader Sharaf Addin
31 Mustafa Yahya Ahmed Al-Shami
32 Woon Kai Siong
33 Rasheed Abed Hammood
34 Saddam Mansour Ali Ankaa
35 Azunna Sunday Ugochukwu


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Notice: Test 1 will be held on 31 October 2015 at 2:00 pm in DP1.

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Notice: Test 2 will be held on 12 December 2015 at 6:00 pm in DP2.

Teaching Assessment:

Please make your evaluation for course teaching through this link:
 Thank you.


Result of Test 1

Matric No Marks
GS40368 96
GS41534 91
GS40754 89
GS41664 82
GS38913 80
GS38740 76
GS38690 75
GS41227 74
GS43199 69
GS43015 66
GS40017 65
GS40436 62
GS39899 61
GS40291 56
GS40400 55
GS37866 54
GS40836 54
GS39573 50
GS41645 50
GS40545 43
GS37322 41
GS36976 40
GS40152 39
GS40646 38
GS40783 33
GS40473 30
GS41396 28
GS37977 26
GS40575 26
GS40653 23
GS40769 22
GS41201 14
GS42740 12
GS40551 0
Out of 100

Result of Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS40368 100
GS38913 93
GS38690 87
GS40836 83
GS40754 80
GS38740 79
GS40436 79
GS41534 73
GS40291 72
GS37866 71
GS39899 69
GS41664 66
GS40473 65
GS40017 63
GS42740 63
GS40400 62
GS37322 61
GS39573 60
GS40152 60
GS41396 57
GS40769 56
GS43015 56
GS40653 55
GS43199 55
GS41227 54
GS41645 54
GS40545 52
GS36976 51
GS40646 43
GS41201 35
GS40783 33
GS40551 30
GS40575 28
GS37977 25
Out of 100


Attention for those students who are working or dealing with consultancy or construction companies. We would like to set up an interview for a market research program by UPM regarding design and construction of Structures in Malaysia or overseas. It would be appreciated if you arrange the meeting for our interviewer with your company. This issue can be consider as a part of your class activity and will improve your assignment mark. Please send the information of your company and your hand phone number to this email to contact with you. Email:

Thank you.



Submit Assignment

Final Grades:

Matric No Grade
GS37866 A
GS38690 A
GS38740 A
GS40017 A
GS40368 A
GS40754 A
GS41534 A
GS38913 A-
GS39899 A-
GS40436 A-
GS40836 A-
GS41227 A-
GS41664 A-
GS42020 A-
GS41645 B+
GS40291 B
GS42740 B
GS43015 B
GS43199 B
GS37322 B-
GS40473 B-
GS40653 B-
GS40769 B-
GS37977 C+
GS39573 C+
GS40152 C+
GS41396 C+
GS40400 C
GS40545 C
GS40575 C
GS40646 C
GS40783 C
GS41201 C
GS36976 D
GS40551 F

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