Independent Study (ECV 5977)

Independent Study
(ECV 5977)

Interested Topics

The topics which are my interested to get student for independent study are mentioned as follow:

Overall Topics:

1- Advance structural control system for structure under vibration or ground motion.

2- Intelligent Structures and Smart Material.

Specific Topics:

There are some research area which some of my PhD students are working on.  So you can join to the research groups on your interested area to be a member of the research group and study,  explore, investigate and analysis of some part of these huge research.

It is noticeable that your name will be mention as one of the authors in any publication of Journal or Conference paper if you had contribution on the paper.

  1. Software Development for Inelastic Analysis of Structures.
  2. Implementation of Artificial Neural Network For Structural Analysis.
  3. Study and investigate on Semi-Active Structural Control System.
  4. Study and Modelling of MR damper in Structures by Software.
  5. Investigate on Application of Base Isolation in Structures.
  6. investigation about SMA (smart material alloy) in EBF brace frame.
  7. Study on Effect of soil-structure interaction on earthquake  modification factor.
  8. Investigate and Comparison of displacement  cable bracing  system with ordinary brace system.
  9. Evaluation effect of prestresed force in cable bracing system and optimization of prestressed force.
  10. Evaluation of Modification factor (R) for cable and pipe system.
  11. Study on Behaviour of horizontal EBF bracing system in concrete structure.
  12. Investigate on EBF brace system with buckling resistant brace system.
  13. Optimization of horizontal length for EBF system.
  14. Study on connection of bearing precast concrete wall panels.
  15. Investigate on Behaviour of IBS (Industrialize Building System) wall panels under dynamic loads.
  16. Evaluation Effect of Strong Earthquake on RC Structures With Maximum Allowable Opening Shear Wall.
  17. Investigate on Tsunami Load and Impact.
  18. Study on Dynamic Response of RCC Gravity Dams By Considering Smeared and Damage Plasticity Models.
  19. Coupled Seepage-Stress or Coupled Seepage-Temperature Analysis of RCC Gravity Dams.
  20. Coupled Dynamic- Thermal Analysis of RCC gravity Dams. ( Effect of Temperature on Dynamic Response of RCC dam)

General Topics:

Any related topics with following issues are interested:

  1. Development on Finite Element Method.
  2. Dynamic of Structures.
  3. Development on Constitutive Models.
  4. Modeling and Simulation.
  5. Structural Control Systems. (Active, Passive, Semi Active)
  6. Optimization of Multi-Objectives Problems via Genetic Algorithm.
  7. Smart Structures.
  8. Software Development and Program Codification.


How to start:

If you are interested to carry out investigation and research about mentioned topics at above, you can come to my office to discuss on Thursdays and Fridays morning.

Download the notes of “Research Training Course”


First Semester 2011-2012

Program: Master of Structural and Construction Engineering

Name Research Title Status



Second Semester 2011-2012

Program: Master of Structural and Construction Engineering

Name Research Title Status
Seyed Ali Toosi Viscous Wall Dampers Completed
Abdullah Ali Ali Al-gaifi Study on the effect of strength irregularity on seismic response of frame structure Completed
Hamed Khatibi Rigid plate in beam – columns connections Completed
Mohamed Abdisalam Aden Study on Soil Structure Interaction Completed


First Semester 2012-2013

Program: Master of Structural and Construction Engineering

Name Research Title Status
hafez taheri heravi Connections in bearing precast concrete wall panels Completed
SHOW BOR JLUNN Analysis of Shear Wall -Transfer beam by using LUSAS Finite Element System No Progress
Rhoderick Cimatu Camit Technical and Economical comparison between Seismic Base isolated and non-isolated building Completed
mohammed deyazada Modeling of Tsunami Wave Effect on Retaining Walls No Progress
NG WAN CHI Investigate on Shear Wall Location in RC Structures Completed
Khaled Ghaedi Modelling of KINTA Dam With Finite Element Method Completed
Grade of Independent Study – ECV 5977
Matric No. Grade
GS30952 A
GS34188 A
GS33586 A
GS32938 A
GS33844 B+
GS34862 B+

Notice: GS33844 and GS34862 please join to other lecturer of Structural Unit for your Master Project on next semester.


Second Semester 2012-2013

Program: Master of Structural and Construction Engineering

No. Name Research Title
1 Zaid Mohammed Ghazi Investigation on Response of OFFSHORE STRUTURE Subjected to Different Loads
2 ARASH RAHIMIPOUR coupled seeepage-stress analysis or RCC gravity dam
3 MOHAMMADHANNAN AZARI Evaluate Performance of Rubber Wall Damper in Strcutures
4 SOROOSH ABBASI Optimization of Structures Response By Genetic Algorithm
5 ESMAEIL EBRAHIMI Study on Rubber Sliding and Rotary Damper connectors in Seismic Response Of Structures
6 MASOUD FAZEL Retrofit of Structures by Supplementary Earthquake Resistance Frames
7 SAEID KHALIFEHEI Evaluate Fuse Member Effect on Response Of Eccentrically Braced Frames (EBF)
8 ALIREZA KASHANI Evaluation Dynamic Response Reduction Factor For Structures
9 Alireza Bayat Design and Analysis of Special Triangular Frame System
10 Amirhossein Shahbazian Study on Different configuration of Cores in Tall Buildings


Grades of Independent Study – ECV 5977
Matric No. Grade
GS33655 A
GS34170 A
GS34156 A-
GS34405 A-
GS34484 A-
GS35126 A-
GS32835 A-
GS32989 B+
GS31136 B
GS33384 B


First Semester 2013-2014

Program: Master of Structural and Construction Engineering

1 MOHANAD KADHEM ALI AL-JABRI Provide Guideline For Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Of Buildings In Malaysia
2 Keyhan Karimzadeh Design and Analysis of Foundation For IBS Structures
3 Mohammed Hossein Mehrabi Manufacturing of Magnetorheological Damper Device
4 Seyed Saghar ghodsi Investigation About Application Shape Memory Alloy Material For Control of Structures
5 Arash Mehravan Seismic Analysis of Structures Using Wavelet Transforms
6 Sardasht Sardar Weli Investigation About P-Delta, Overturning Moment and Whipping Effect in Building
7 Poorya Habib Elahian Development of Optimal of Viscous Damper Device
8 Nur Hamimi Anis binti Misman The Effective Design For IBS structures
10 Ameen Esam Mohammed Almutawakel Behavior of Box Girder Segments Externally Prestressed with Shape Memory Alloys


Grades of Independent Study – ECV 5977

Matric No. Grade
GS33780 A
GS35772 A
GS34138 A
GS35188 A
GS35604 A
GS35919 A-
GS35428 A-
GS36516 B+
GS35102 B
GS35771 B-


Second Semester 2013-2014

Program: Master of Structural and Construction Engineering

1 Doaa Talib Hashim Investigation of Infill Wall Effect On Inelastic Response Of Structures
2 Abdulmohaimen Imad Mohammed Performance Based Design For Reinforce Concrete Structures
3 Yazeed Abdulmalek Al-Radhi Health Monitoring of Offshore Structures


Grades of Independent Study – ECV 5977

Matric No. Grade
GS36873 A
GS37275 A
GS37866 A

First Semester 2014-2015

1 Mehdi Mohammadi Development of Bypass Viscous Damper
2 Maged Mohammed Seismic performance of tunnel form building system subjected to out-of-plane lateral cyclic loading
3 Sarah Jabbar Gatea Evaluate Behaviuor of Hollow Beam with Opening
4 Mahmood Yahya Hasan Alkhateeb Application of High Performance Computation Systems for analysis of Mega Structures


Progress Report

Students must report their progress for Independent Study each 2 weeks and discuss about their research work.

Grading of Students in Course

Grade of course will offer based on students activity and progress for Independent Study.


Continue Research for Master Project

Students, who got Grade of  “A” or “A-“ for Independent Study are able to continue their independent study for Master Project with Dr. Farzad.

Students, who got Grade “B+” or less for Independent Study must join to other lecturer for their Master Projects.

Submit Report For Independent Study

You can submit your report for Independent Study here.

The file should be in Microsoft office (word, excel or powerpoint) or MATLAB program (*.m) format.

The file name should be as following format:


Which GS##### is your Matric number.



Notice: If the size of file is too big, it may be takes few minutes to uploading.  You will get a message if the file successfully uploaded.