Advance Solid Mechanics (ECV5202) – 2018

Second Semester 2017-2018

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering

During this subject, the advanced concepts of solid mechanics will deliver.


1. Ward, J.P. (2013). Solid Mechanics: An Introduction. UK: Springer
2. Ibrahimbegovic, A. (2009), Nonlinear Solid Mechanics: Theoretical Formulations and Finite Element Solution Methods. France: Springer
3. Riley, W.F. (2006). Mechanics of Materials (6th Edition). New York: John Wiley & Sons.
4. Stephen P., Timoshenko, J.N. and Goodier. (2005). Theory of Elasticity. New York: McGraw-Hill.
5. Gere, J.M., Timoshenko, S.P. and Ismail, A. (2003). Mechanics of Material, Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes.
6. Megson, T.H.G. (2005). Structural and Stress Analysis, London: Butterworth-Heinemann.
7. Valliappan, S. (1985). “Continuum Mechanics Fundamental”.


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Notice about Test 1: Test 1 will be conducted on Saturday, 16 April 2016 at 9am-11am in DP1.

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Test 1: Test 1 will be conducted on 31 March 2018 at 10:00am in DP1.

Test 2: Test 2 will be conducted on 26 May 2018 at 10:00am in BK18.


Teaching Assessment:

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Result for Test 1

Matric No Marks
GS48256 100
GS48931 100
GS49421 98
GS49343 97
GS49808 95
GS50216 95
GS50301 95
GS48176 94
GS49383 90
GS49435 90
GS49923 90
GS48933 88
GS49038 88
GS49037 85
GS50118 85
GS48834 83
GS49367 82
GS50773 81
GS49380 77
GS49036 75
GS50296 75
GS49649 70
GS50160 67
GS49035 58
GS50084 55
GS50904 55
GS51091 50
GS51588 50
GS49802 48
GS48841 48
GS51082 43
GS51327 40
GS50604 39
GS48785 35
GS49276 30
GS49690 25
GS46114 20
GS49813 20
GS51554 14
GS51114 10
GS48941 5


Result for Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS48176 100
GS49037 100
GS49383 100
GS49343 90
GS49421 90
GS49380 87
GS48256 85
GS49367 80
GS50773 75
GS48834 70
GS48931 65
GS50216 65
GS50301 65
GS49036 60
GS49038 55
GS49435 55
GS49802 55
GS49808 55
GS46114 53
GS50296 52
GS50118 51
GS49035 50
GS50904 50
GS51082 50
GS51588 48
GS51091 45
GS49649 42
GS49690 37
GS48933 35
GS48956 35
GS49276 35
GS49813 35
GS50160 35
GS50448 33
GS50084 32
GS51262 32
GS51114 30
GS49923 28
GS50604 25
GS51554 25
GS50434 15
GS48785 3


Final Grades

Matric No Grade
GS49037 A
GS48256 A
GS48176 A
GS49038 A
GS48931 A
GS49036 A
GS50216 A
GS49035 A-
GS49383 A-
GS49380 A-
GS49421 B+
GS45694 B+
GS49343 B+
GS49367 B+
GS#### B+
GS50118 B+
GS50773 B+
GS48933 B
GS49435 B
GS50301 B
GS48834 B
GS49808 B
GS51588 B
GS50904 B-
GS49649 B-
GS49923 B-
GS51091 B-
GS51082 C+
GS49690 C+
GS49802 C+
GS50084 C+
GS50160 C
GS48956 C
GS50448 C-
GS49276 C-
GS#### D+
GS49813 D
GS51554 F
GS51114 F

The marks are highly moderated. 


Those students, who got F, D and D+, or they got “Study Termination” status can request for res-sit for the final exam. Please check this page for the date and time of re-sit exam. Please email your Name and Matric number to


The resit exam will be conducted by 12 July 2018 at 9:30am in the department of Civil engineering. After the mentioned date there is no possibility to take resit exam.

Take every single chance as it could be a positive opportunity that enhance your future

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