Advance Structural Analysis (ECV 5201)

First Semester 2012-2013

List of Students in ECV5201:

1 Ehsan Rasooliyazdi
2 Chen Fook Yew
3 Andy Yong Sui How
4 Hafez Taheri Heravi
5 Alireza Bayat
6 Sanusi Saheed
7 Mahmood Hayder Mohammed
8 Lee Li Keat
9 Saeid Khalifehei
10 Khaled Ghaedi
11 Anas Abdulkarem Sharaf Shaiban
12 Alireza Kashani
13 Abdullah Ali Ali Algaifi
14 Jafirusny bin Jamaludin
15 Amirhossein Shahbazian
16 Ng Wan Chi
17 Mohd Khairy bin Abdul Khalek
18 Zaid Mohammed Ghazi
19 Chai Seong Wai
20 Muhammad Firwan bin Norliza
21 Mohanad Kadhem Ali Al-Jabri
22 Mabrooka A. Elmasri Fahdil
23 Show Bor Jlunn
24 Lee Yeong Jey
25 Muhammad Hazik bin Ab Razak
26 Mohamed Yousif Awad Kaboushia
27 Mohammadhannan Azari
28 Arash Rahimipour
29 Mohamed Faysal Osman
30 Rhoderick Cimatu Camit
31 Mohd Zulhilmi bin Zulkurnain
32 Mas Era Karlina binti Mohd Fauzi
33 Hossein Mostamery
34 Soroosh Abbasi
35 Esmaeil Ebrahimi
36 Mohamed Aden Sheikh Nur
37 Abdirahman Mohamed Yasin
38 Lee Check Shin
39 Patrick Basun @ Patrick Woon
40 Chin Woon Kheong
41 Siti Da Araffah binti Minal
42 Mohammed S. S. Deyazada
43 Muhammad Firdaus bin Abdul Rahman
44 Alireza Payesteh
45 Look Kuan Chung
46 Ameen Esam Mohammed Almutawakel
47 Masoud Fazel
48 Mehdi Mohammadi
49 Sardasht Sardar Weli
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Test 1

Test 1 of Advance Structural Analysis will held on Monday 5 November at 7:45 pm. Venue is DP1. (Ground floor, beside lake)


Result of Test 1

Note: The marks are moderated.

Martic No Marks
GS35188 85.8
GS32989 81.4
GS34156 74.8
GS32751 72.6
GS30952 69.3
GS34930 66
GS34405 62.7
GS32972 61.6
GS34170 59.4
GS33589 58.3
GS33384 56.1
GS33245 55
GS35102 55
GS35126 55
GS33655 50.6
GS33727 49.5
GS34484 49.5
GS34613 49.5
GS30155 48.4
GS31136 48.4
GS34065 46.2
GS32567 45.1
GS32835 45.1
GS34204 45.1
GS33780 44
GS32128 42.9
GS34918 42.9
GS32938 41.8
GS33586 40.7
GS34188 40.7
GS34862 40.7
GS34291 37.4
GS34565 35.2
GS34255 34.1
GS34635 34.1
GS34771 34.1
GS33764 30.8
GS34016 29.7
GS34564 29.7
GS33834 27.5
GS33844 26.4
GS30798 15.4
GS34674 14.3
GS34180 5.5



Date: Tuesday, 27th November 2012


Test 2

Test 2 of Advance Structural Analysis will held on Monday 17 December at 5:45 pm. Venue is DP2. (Ground floor, beside lake)


 Matlab Training Program

I would like to inform that our friend Mr. Soroosh Abbasi will help and will train programing with Matlab.

So, the class for learning basic structure of programing in Matlab will held on 22 and 23 of December at 6 pm in the engineering library and it is free.  Any body interested please send email to him in order to reserve a sit because of limitation of sits.

His email is:

His helping to our students for learning programming with Matlab is highly appreciated.



You can reach to NARCBEEEDS program webpage through the following link:



You can use any browser for working with NARCBEEEDS such as Internet explore, Firefox, chrome via  your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet.


Tutorials video for NARCBEEEDS  program :

 By: Mr. Jehanzeb Pathan


Notice for Group9: The files under title of “ASANS-asf-Group9” and “ASANS-asb-Group9”  are not open via Microsoft Word 2007. Please send me again in compatible format.


Test 2 Marks

Mr. Alireza Kashani, Well Done ..

Matric No Mark
GS32989 100
GS34930 92
GS35126 92
GS34635 88
GS32751 87
GS34918 84
GS32835 83
GS32972 83
GS33245 83
GS33586 83
GS33655 83
GS34170 83
GS31136 81
GS33780 80
GS32938 77
GS34291 77
GS35188 76
GS32128 75
GS34156 75
GS34255 75
GS34484 74
GS34065 73
GS30952 70
GS33589 70
GS35102 70
GS30155 66
GS34613 66
GS33834 65
GS34405 61
GS33384 60
GS34180 60
GS34565 60
GS34862 58
GS33727 55
GS34771 55
GS30798 52
GS34204 51
GS33327 50
GS33844 50
GS34188 46
GS32567 44
GS34564 44
GS33764 40
GS34674 30
Out of 100


Final Test Marks

All papers are extensive over marked and moderated. Definitely what you got based on marking of your own paper, is very less than offering mark for you here.

Notice: Final Grades will issue on 15 January, after getting all assignments and projects.

Matric No Mark
GS32989 98
GS34930 96
GS33589 93
GS34156 91
GS35126 90
GS33384 85
GS32751 83
GS30952 83
GS32567 82
GS33780 80
GS34291 80
GS32938 79
GS34405 77
GS34613 77
GS32128 76
GS34484 76
GS34065 75
GS35188 75
GS32972 74
GS33834 73
GS34170 73
GS33844 70
GS34188 70
GS33245 68
GS33586 68
GS33655 68
GS34204 66
GS34635 66
GS35102 66
GS30155 63
GS34771 63
GS31136 60
GS33727 60
GS32835 60
GS34565 58
GS33764 56
GS33327 53
GS34862 53
GS34255 50
GS34918 40
GS34564 39
GS34674 35
GS30798 25
GS34180 23
out of 100


Final Grade For Advance Structural Analysis

All the best for all of you and see you on next semester.

Matric No Grade
GS32989 A
GS34930 A
GS35126 A
GS34156 A
GS32751 A
GS35188 A
GS30952 A
GS33589 A
GS32972 A-
GS34405 A-
GS34170 A-
GS33780 A-
GS33384 A-
GS32938 A-
GS34291 A-
GS34484 A-
GS34635 B+
GS33586 B+
GS32128 B+
GS34065 B+
GS33245 B+
GS35102 B+
GS34613 B+
GS33655 B+
GS31136 B+
GS32567 B+
GS32835 B+
GS30155 B+
GS33834 B+
GS34204 B
GS34188 B
GS33844 B
GS33727 B
GS34771 B
GS34255 B
GS33327 B
GS34565 B-
GS34862 B-
GS33764 B-
GS34918 B-
GS34564 C-
GS30798 C-
GS34674 C-
GS34180 D

Note: GS32972 and GS35102, your name is not available in my portal, please check through GSO

There is some enhancement for following group, they can check their portal:



Your Comments About This Subject (ECV5202)


You can shear your comments about this subject here.

You can write your idea and thinking about the topic content, lecturer, assignment, tests, exam, project, presentation and etc.

The comments will be published in 24hours (time for Spam checking).

Hopefully these comments will help me to improve the quality of teaching.


Name or ID

Thank you for give us opportunity to give
comment. The topic was useful for me.
But starting slowly and continue very quick.  
Need more example on 3D frame.
firstly I want to thank u Dr.Farzad to let us to evaluate
this subject.In my view this subject need a little bit
improve in term of solving more problems specially
in space truss and frame because i saw that most
of students have problems in concepts of analyzing
loads and effect of tempreture and fabrication error.
For me this subject was very useful and made me
to think about basics of structures. Hopefully i got
it.One more think is improve students talent with
program by giving them assignment at the
begining of semester and punish them to
do those assignment by giving extra mark…..
thank you
Dr, do we still get marks for the final examination
if the calculation is wrong but in correct?
If you follow the right concept but wrong
in calculation, you will just loss small part
of mark.
thank you for motivate us drfaizad i never beleive
that i can get good mark for exam2 but i got.
i learn many 🙂
Have learn but cannot apply, sorry to make you
disappointed Dr fazard



hello , I am GS34405 and right now i got shock
when i saw my mark in test 2 , i’m so appreciate
if you check my paper again . thanks .
Yeah, thanks for giving us a room to express our
view. As Dr. say this subject is easy but because
of nevernous and phobia with the question of
your, myself became stress and hard to think
wisely during the test, eventhough exercises
have been done quite a lot but it still doesn’t help
and end up with many mistake. One thing i realize
that, i have to strengthen my fundemental and
should be able relate  theory and application.
DO and  UNDERSTAND each example and  
exercises given in the class and not for the sake
completion only. This may help in understanding
the subject matters deeply.  Again thank Dr. for
giving me chance to be your student. I like your
teaching and it international standard. Also thanks
for second exam result, it give me some hope and
Thank you so much!You were more caring toward us
compared with even ourselves.It could be understood
easily during your lectures.
Thank you it’s very small word in front of your efforts.
Thanks a lot Dr. Farzad




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