Structural Dynamic (ECV5204) – 2012

Structural Dynamic (ECV5204)

First Semester 2012-2013

Topics include: Formulation of the equations of motion using the principles of both vector mechanics and analytical mechanics; Free vibration response; Determination of frequencies and mode shapes; Forced vibration response; Numerical integration of the equations of motion; Newmark method, MDOF systems, …


List of Students in ECV5204:

1 Tengku Syamimi binti Tuan Ab Rahman
2 Raymond Cheng Hsien Loong
3 Parveen Khanehzaei
4 Dharshini a/p Raman
5 Samer Abdulhussein Yasir
6 Doris Chiew Jing Tze
7 Louis Ho Yeng Gee
8 Chen Fook Yew
9 Chiew Sow Ing
10 Tan Jhen Shen
11 Seak Qi Meng
12 Andy Yong Sui How
13 Mohamed Abdisalam Aden
14 Hamed Khatibi
15 Hafez Taheri Heravi
16 Jehanzeb Khan Pathan
17 Hersi Abdilahi Hersi
18 Seyed Ali Toussi
19 Zakaris bin Agustar
20 Rajkumar Naidu a/l Nagathandarn
21 Mahmood Hayder Mohammed
22 Khaled Ghaedi
23 Anas Abdulkarem Sharaf Shaiban
24 Abdullah Ali Ali Algaifi
25 Zaid Mohammed Ghazi
26 Lee Check Shin

Project of third week: (Project 1)

Evaluate the effect  of damping ratio in response of a SDOF system.

So each group should define a SDOF system and assume mass, stiffness for the system.

Then find response of system in terms of displacement, velocity, acceleration in versus of time (i.e displacement-time graph) for range of 0.01, 0.1, 0.5, 1, 1.5 damping ratio. Eventually compare the result and discuss about differences.

The soft copy of projects and result should submit online through following link for each group and the projects and results will present in the class via powerpoint.

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Project of fourth week: (Project 2)

Evaluate the effect of Beta in response of a SDOF system or single story frame building under harmonic load.

The detail is discussed in the class.

The soft copy of projects and result should submit online through following link for each group and the projects and results will present in the class via powerpoint.

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Notice  for Class:

The Electricity of faculty will off on this Saturday (27/10/2012)  afternoon.

So Structural Dynamic Class should be cancel and postponed to another time.

Kindly inform to your classmate.

Thank you and sorry for ay inconvenience.

Test 1

Test 1 of Structural Dynamic will held on Saturday 3 November at 10 am. Venue is BK20.

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Projects Topic:

1- Rotary Machines.

2- Impact machines.

3- Machine foundation.

4- Machine vibration dissipation.

5- Airplane vibration.

6- Wave dynamic load. (i.e Tsunami)

7- Damping ration in different structures.

Note: Structural Dynamic Class will held on Monday 12/11/2012 at 6pm to 9pm in BK6.


Result of Test 1

Martic No Marks
GS30012 99
GS30841 97
GS31164 93
GS31399 92
GS31080 86
GS28996 85
GS29685 83
GS32938 83
GS30856 81
GS30952 75
GS32972 73
GS29270 67
GS32567 58
GS30723 51
GS30155 48
GS30702 46
GS33245 44
GS33655 41
GS34613 36
GS29245 30
GS30705 29
GS31879 27
GS31578 22
GS28692 21
GS27736 0
GS30798 0
Out of 100

Well Done Ms. Louis.

Note: Last question of Test 1 was marked based on procedure and formulation which used in sequence.

Note: Password is same password of Week 9 Notes.


Date: Tuesday, 27th November 2012

Matlab Training Program

I would like to inform that our friend Mr. Soroosh Abbasi will help and will train programing with Matlab.

So, the class for learning basic structure of programing in Matlab will held on 22 and 23 of December at 6 pm in the engineering library and it is free.  Any body interested please send email to him in order to reserve a sit because of limitation of sits.

His email is:

His helping to our students for learning programming with Matlab is highly appreciated.


Presentation for Structural Dynamics Course will held on 22 December at 2pm to 5 pm.

 Test 2

Test 2 of Structural Dynamics will held on 24 December at 6pm to 8 pm.

Venue: BK8

Result of Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS30012 100
GS30856 98
GS30952 95
GS31164 93
GS30841 90
GS33655 86
GS28692 85
GS29270 85
GS29685 85
GS31080 82
GS32938 80
GS32972 78
GS31399 77
GS30723 76
GS33245 76
GS32567 73
GS30705 68
GS30702 67
GS31578 60
GS30798 50
GS30155 46
GS27736 45
GS34613 40
GS29245 22
Out of 100

Final Grades for Structural Dynamic Course – ECV5204

Matric No Grades
GS30012 A
GS30856 A
GS28996 A
GS31164 A
GS30952 A
GS31399 A
GS32938 A-
GS30841 A-
GS31080 A-
GS29685 B+
GS32972 B+
GS33655 B+
GS29270 B+
GS33245 B+
GS28692 B+
GS30723 B
GS30702 B
GS32567 B
GS30155 B
GS31578 C+
GS30705 C+
GS34613 D+
GS30798 F
GS29245 F
GS27736 F

There is some enhancement of Grade for following students, they can check their portal:



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 Name or ID
Thank you for Test 2. It help us a lot. Hopefully the
final test will be same.
All of us in this course thank for DR.Prof.Hejazi,since that
he made us very close to dynamic and he taught us very
well,I am proud that I am DR’s student and hopefully that
we can atone his goodnesses.








highly appreciate your efforts Dr. Farzad ..
1- for the next semesters if possible  can you make the
lectures for the final exam more concentrated about
some of subjects since we took a lot of things and it
seems to be confusing at the final.
2- to follow the references style (symbols and questions)
to be easy for students and being more beneficent.
3- to give more than three questions at the final since
its really different from structural analysis.
4- we didn’t use the assignments materials in our
studying for final, is it helpful to get more assignments
matching the questions type in the exams.

Take every single chance as it could be a positive opportunity that enhance your future

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