Advance Solid Mechanics (ECV5202) – 2016

Second Semester 2015-2016

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering

During this subject, the advanced concepts of solid mechanics will deliver.


1. Ward, J.P. (2013). Solid Mechanics: An Introduction. UK: Springer
2. Ibrahimbegovic, A. (2009), Nonlinear Solid Mechanics: Theoretical Formulations and Finite Element Solution Methods. France: Springer
3. Riley, W.F. (2006). Mechanics of Materials (6th Edition). New York: John Wiley & Sons.
4. Stephen P., Timoshenko, J.N. and Goodier. (2005). Theory of Elasticity. New York: McGraw-Hill.
5. Gere, J.M., Timoshenko, S.P. and Ismail, A. (2003). Mechanics of Material, Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes.
6. Megson, T.H.G. (2005). Structural and Stress Analysis, London: Butterworth-Heinemann.
7. Valliappan, S. (1985). “Continuum Mechanics Fundamental”.


List of Students

No Name
1 Mohd Rizam bin Zulkifli
2 Imad Shakir Abbood
3 Ghadanfar Elmamoun Ibrahiem
4 Mahmood Yahya Alkhateeb
5 Yusuf Yaqoob Yusuf Hasan Abdulla
6 Ahmed Abdulrahman Ahmed AlSharafi
7 Abdulwali Yahia Yahia Al-Wazir
8 Abdulkarem Ahmed Abdulqader Sharaf Addin
9 Yong Pei Yin
10 Lingeswaran a/l Vengu
11 Shoban a/l Gunasekaran
12 Wasim Abdulhakim Saleh
13 Mohamed Elhibir Mohamed Omran
14 Noaman Mohammed Ridha Noaman
15 Hashim Ali Hashim
16 Mohammed Imad Shamsulddin
17 Mohammed Nasser Ali Alharbi
18 Ahmed Ali Ahmed Saleh
19 Altraifi ,Tariq Homoud A
20 Mohd Eizzuddin bin Mahyeddin
21 Ashref Abdala M.A Al Azreq
22 Ooi Yew Kun
23 Fadi Hassan Mohammed Al-Khatib
24 Sri Maryazie binti Mohamad Nor
25 Ong Kah Siong
26 Waleed Mohamd Saed Al-Hilali
27 Wong Chien Chan
28 Nurul Anis Aniza binti Mohd Zamri
29 Derhem Taher Ahmed Al Salahi
30 Dhurgham Adnan Kadhim
31 Muhamad Fikri bin Noor Ali
32 Muhammad Firdaus bin Razali
33 Abdikani Abshir Ahmed
34 Khalid Hassan Esse
35 Mohamed Abukar Ali
36 Abdulrahman Khaleel Midhin
37 Ahmed Abdulrahman Ftaikhan
38 Ahmad Nabeel Taha Al-Bayati
39 Syazana Hazwani binti Mohd Ghazali
40 Fathi Mohamed Dufani
41 Lee Pui Chin
42 Muhammad Fakhrul Radzi bin Abdul Rahman
43 Samir Hashim Habash Al Ameri
44 Abdallah Mohammed Ahmed Alshareef
45 Nurul Ezatty binti Ramly
46 Osman Abdallah Abuzaid Mohammed
47 Wirrwan bin Mohamed Haniff
48 Fathimath Afrah Solih
49 Safwan Subhi Mousa Albadareen
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Notice about Test 1: Test 1 will be conducted on Saturday, 16 April 2016 at 9am-11am in DP1.

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Note: The lecture for Advance Solid Mechanic will not be conducted on 21/05/2016 due to public holiday (Wesak Day). The replacement class will be bu the next week after Test 2. (11am to 2pm). Please inform to your friends as well.

Teaching Assessment:

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Result of Test 1

Matric No Mark
GS40368 100
GS43625 92
GS45368 91
GS43538 89
GS45390 86
GS43073 85
GS43036 84
GS43626 84
GS42035 82
GS45126 81
GS43043 79
GS45370 79
GS45489 75
GS40831 74
GS43610 74
GS44227 74
GS44225 73
GS41645 70
GS43055 70
GS44858 70
GS45753 70
GS44648 66
GS45376 66
GS42638 64
GS44331 64
GS45652 64
GS43500 63
GS43953 63
GS46293 63
GS45067 61
GS43667 57
GS43172 53
GS43995 52
GS38386 49
GS43670 49
GS45592 49
GS42700 46
GS46240 41
GS45749 39
GS45446 34
GS45750 34
GS43201 30
GS37977 23
GS43482 14
GS40551 13


Result of Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS40368 97
GS40831 94
GS45370 80
GS45753 78
GS43036 77
GS44227 77
GS45368 77
GS45126 75
GS43500 72
GS43610 70
GS44225 66
GS43626 65
GS45652 65
GS43043 64
GS43073 60
GS43953 60
GS40832 59
GS43667 58
GS46293 56
GS43055 55
GS45390 55
GS43538 52
GS45446 50
GS38386 48
GS45067 48
GS45376 47
GS42035 45
GS44648 45
GS45749 42
GS43670 40
GS45489 40
GS41645 37
GS43201 37
GS42934 35
GS42638 32
GS43995 30
GS40291 29
GS37977 26
GS45750 26
GS40551 25
GS43625 23
GS44331 22
GS44330 17
GS46240 13
GS42700 11
GS43482 5
GS45592 1
GS43172 0
Out of 100

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The assignments which received up to 26/06/2016 are listed as follow for each group. The marks for late submission after 26/06/2016 will not considered.

Group No. Assign1 Assign2 Assign3 Assign4 Assign5 Assign6 Assign7

Final Grades

Note: The marks for final exam are highly moderated.

Matric No Grade
GS40368 A
GS40831 A
GS45368 A
GS43073 A
GS45753 A
GS45370 A
GS40832 A-
GS43610 A-
GS43538 A-
GS45126 A-
GS43626 A-
GS46293 A-
GS43036 B+
GS44227 B+
GS45652 B+
GS44225 B+
GS43055 B
GS45376 B
GS43500 B
GS45390 B
GS42638 B
GS43043 B
GS42035 B-
GS43625 B-
GS45446 B-
GS43667 B-
GS43172 B-
GS41645 B-
GS44331 C+
GS38386 C+
GS45489 C+
GS44648 C+
GS43670 C+
GS43953 C+
GS43201 C+
GS45750 C
GS45749 C
GS45067 C
GS42700 C
GS43995 C
GS46240 C-
GS45592 C-
GS37977 C-
GS40551 D
GS42934 D
GS40291 F
GS44330 F
GS43482 F

All the best.

Re-sit Exam

The date for Re-Sit exam for Advance Solid Mechnic is 1 August 2016 at 2pm in Meeting Room in level 5, Faculty of Engineering. Please note that the Re-Sit exam is only for Final exam and it is not for Test 1 and Test 2. (Your carry mark will be remained same and no change)

The condition for Re-Sit exam is having failed mark (D or F) or semester CGPA is in prohibited condition. Please bring print of your CPGA and course marks in your portal. Best luck.

New grades after Re-Test Exam

Matric No New Grade
GS40291 C-
GS40551 F
GS43482 F
GS43670 B

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