Earthquake Resistance Structures (ECV5225) – 2013

Second Semester 2012-2013

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering


This course covers detailed review of the basics in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering with a basic overview of single-degree and multi-degree of freedom structural dynamics.


Earthquake Resistance Structures Class Notes.

“Fundamental of Seismic Loading On Structures”. Tapan K. Sen, WILEY

“Tall Building Structures: Analysis and Design”. Bryan Stafford Smith, Alex Coull. JOHN WILEY

Any book related to Earthquake and Design of Earthquake Resistance Structures.

You can also download International Building Code (IBC-2000) with same password

Notice: Next week Class for ECV5225 will held on Wednesday 20 March, 10 am to 12 am on BK18. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

Project for Earthquake Resistance Structures

The beam, column’s sections for modelling can be use through following detail:

Reinforce concrete structures:

Reinforced Concrete
1. Main bar diamater normally used:- Y12, Y16, Y20, Y25 & Y32
2. Stirup:- R8 & R10
3. Column size starts from 150x 150 with 25mm increment (e.g: 175 x 175, 200 x 200 & etc.)
4. Beam size starts from 125 x 450 and based on loading and available storey height.
Steel structures:
Use the file which uploaded as follow: (Password is ECV5225)
If more detail is needed please refer to Ms. Louis.
Course Evaluation:
Please give your evaluation for ECV5225 through this link:
The instruction is available as following link.
Thank you.

Test 1 Results

Matric No Marks
GS30012 83
GS35126 77
GS34156 72
GS34405 70
GS32835 65
GS32938 64
GS34862 61
GS33384 55
GS34170 55
GS34484 28
GS35470  —
Out of 100

Test 2 Results

Matric No Marks
GS30012 80
GS35126 75
GS32835 73
GS34405 73
GS34170 70
GS34862 68
GS34156 65
GS34484 63
GS33384 60
GS35470 55
GS32938 50
Out of 100
Submit Assignment

Note: Please for the project submission, put all modeling files and excel and report file in a folder and compress it using WinZip or Winrar program and submit the zipped file.

Result of Final Test

Matric No Final
GS30012 82
GS34405 69
GS33384 68
GS35126 67
GS34156 64
GS34862 61
GS35470 58
GS32938 57
GS34484 56
GS34170 53
GS32835 48
Out of 100
The marks of exam will moderated.

Final Grades of ECV5225

Matric No Mark
GS30012 A
GS35126 A
GS34405 A
GS34156 A-
GS33384 A-
GS34862 A-
GS35470 A-
GS32835 B+
GS32938 B+
GS34170 B+
GS34484 B+
Well done Louis Ho Yeng Gee. You performed greet in all my subjects. Best luck.
Thank you and all the best for all of you.

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