Earthquake Resistance Structures (ECV5225) – 2015

Second Semester 2014-2015

For PhD Students of Structural Engineering &
Master Students of Structural and Construction Engineering


This course covers detailed review of the basics in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering with a basic overview of single-degree and multi-degree of freedom structural dynamics.



Earthquake Resistance Structures Class Notes.

“Fundamental of Seismic Loading On Structures”. Tapan K. Sen, WILEY

“Tall Building Structures: Analysis and Design”. Bryan Stafford Smith, Alex Coull. JOHN WILEY

Any book related to Earthquake and Design of Earthquake Resistance Structures.


List of Students

No Name
1 Mehdi Mohammadi
2 Lee Chong Lean
3 Mohd Rizam bin Zulkifli
4 Maged Mohammed Ahmed Qasem
5 Kaldoon Hussain Ali
6 Mahir Mahmod Hason
7 Hazem Mahmood Yaseen Al-Husaini
8 Soheil Nikpour Khoshkroudi
9 Sarah Jabbar Gatea
10 Hossein Esmaeili
11 Mahmood Yahya Alkhateeb
12 Iman Sadeq Hasan
13 Esmaeil Ebrahimi

Note: The class for Earthquake Resistance Structures will not be held on 27 May 2015, due to ARF DiREx program.

ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster Relief Exercises 2015  

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Result of Test 1

Matric No Marks
GS37156 100
GS38913 97
GS40368 86
GS41534 82
GS38808 66
GS39438 66
GS38690 64
GS38740 44
GS39228 22
Out of 100

Result of Test 2

Question 1 is not considered for marking, therefore the marks of test 2 are out of 70.

Matric No Marks
GS37156 65
GS38913 65
GS38808 51
GS41534 50
GS39438 45
GS35173 45
GS40368 45
GS38690 43
GS39228 34
GS38740 33
Out of 70

Final Grades

Matric No Grade
GS37156 A
GS38913 A
GS40368 A
GS38690 A-
GS38808 A-
GS39438 A-
GS42555 A-
GS35173 B+
GS39228 B+
GS41534 B+
GS38740 B

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