Research Methodology (ECV5100) – 2nd – 2019

Research Methodology (ECV5100) – 2019 – 2nd

First Semester 2019-2020

Research is a procedure by which we attempt to find systematically, and with the support of demonstrable fact, the answer to a question or the solution of a problem.


List of Students

1) Nurasmalaily binti Yusof
2) Muhammad Amir bin Norasikin
3) Mohd Fairuz bin Ishak
4) Norazmel bin Abd Karim
5) Wani Athar Ahmad
6) Mohd Anuar bin Ishak
7) Dzulq Khairi bin Darus
8) Naveed Ahmed
9) Siti Nornabilah binti Abd Halim
10) Megat Mus’ab bin Megat Johari
11) Shapiramis binti Hasanuddin
12) Al-Amiathli Mohammed Manaa
13) Manaa
14) Alfarra Abed Alhameed Abdel
15) Shakour A
16) Al-Abayechi Ali Mahdi Mohammed
17) Mohd Nur Azwan bin Baharuddin
18) Sabrina Ng binti Muhamad Ng
19) Emir Aslam bin Thopatalam
20) Al-Sammak Abdulla Seraj Anwer
21) Al Azzawi Saif Shaheen Kamil
22) Abdulrahman Arif Sameh
23) Altabeeb Abdulrauf Abraheem
24) Abdulathim
25) Qani’ah binti Abdul Rahman
26) Eldeek Mahmoud Ibrahim Mahmoud
27) Aini Hazwani binti Shahrir
28) Siti Noreenna binti Mohd Yusof
29) Muse Abdirahman Ali
30) Osman Abubakar Ahmed
31) Ali Abdirashid Mohamud
32) Nur Syazwina Najaa binti Abd Ghani
33) Sheikh Saeed
34) Nur Adibah binti Jalaluddin


Turnitin Class ID:

Class ID:  22912010

Lecturer Notes:

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Note: Replacement Class for check the prepared review papers will be conducted by 18/11/2019 at 6pm in BK12.

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Teaching Assessment:

Please make your evaluation for course teaching through this link:
 Thank you.

Please use the following format for your submission name:

For Research Methodology Paper:

File Name: RM-GS#####.docx

For Research Methodology Paper turnitin report:

File Name: RM-GS#####.pdf

For Research Methodology Project:


Note: GS##### is Matric number. For example, the file name of paper for the student with matric no of GS54321 should be: RM-GS54321.docx

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Final Grades

Matric No Grade
GS55696 A
GS55547 A
GS54059 A
GS51493 A
GS53483 A
GS52193 A
GS52287 A
GS55948 A
GS54256 A
GS55424 A
GS55501 A
GS52936 A
GS51342 A
GS56747 A
GS55960 A
GS56049 A
GS55813 A
GS55194 A
GS55981 A
GS52922 A
GS52202 A-
GS52418 A-
GS56523 A-
GS56759 A-
GS56431 A-
GS55939 A-
GS53291 A-
GS56139 A-
GS55581 B+
GS54411 B+
GS52416 B+
GS54342 B
GS56183 B
GS52569 B-
GS53298 B-
GS53282 C
GS56232 C
GS54299 F
GS53982 F

Note: No assignment received from students with GS54299 and GS53982. Also the grades was given after few days requesting for updated assignments as mentioned in follow:

Following students are missing their marks due to added comments. They have to implement the comment very carefully in their assignment and make new submission in this page by end of 09/01/2020. Otherwise they will lost their mark.  Tq

Matric No comments
GS51342 Proposal is not submitted
GS51493 Proposal is not submitted
GS52287 Paper is not in format
GS52569 Paper is not completed, Paper is not in format
GS52922 Paper is not completed, Paper is not in format
GS53282 Paper is not completed
GS53291 not enough review paper
GS53298 No author name Not in format
GS53483 not in format
GS53982 Paper is not completed, Proposal is not submitted
GS54299 Paper is not completed, Proposal is not submitted
GS54342 no supervisor name in the paper
GS55501 Paper is too short
GS56139 Paper is not in format, paper is NOT COMPLETED, no supervisor name
GS56183 not enough review paper included

GS56232 : The submitted file is not according to lecture instruction. Required to repeat the course if there is no new submission before due date.

Critical Similarity Index:

Following papers showing critical similarity index which is not acceptable. Give them time up to 12-01-12 to submit revised paper with acceptable similarity index.

Matric No Similarity Index (%)
GS51493 65
GS52936 54
GS55696 53
GS55424 44
GS56232 42
GS53291 35
GS53982 34
GS54256 28

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