Structural Dynamic (ECV5204) – 2016

Structural Dynamic (ECV5204)

First Semester 2016-2017

The course covers dynamic response of single degree of freedom system, damped single degree of freedom system, response to harmonic and periodic excitation, general dynamic loading, multi-degree of freedom systems and nonlinear response of multi-degree of freedom systems. 


List of Students

No Name
1 Ahmed Abdulrhman Ahmed AlSharafi
2 Abdulwali Yahia Yahia Al-Wazir
3 Yong Pei Yin
4 Mohammed Jasim Mohammed
5 Raja Putri Zarifh Ana binti Raja Soh
6 Lingeswaran a/l Vengu
7 Shoban a/l Gunasekaran
8 Wasim Abdulhakim Saleh
9 Shahrizal bin Abd Rasid
10 Mohamed Elhibir Mohamed Omran
11 Noaman Mohammed Ridha Noaman
12 Hashim Ali Hashim
13 Mohammed Imad Shamsulddin
14 Mohammed Nasser Ali Alharbi
15 Ahmed Ali Ahmed Saleh
16 Mohd Eizzuddin bin Mahyeddin
17 Ashref Abdala M.A Al Azreq
18 Ooi Yew Kun
19 Fadi Hassan Mohammed Al-Khatib
20 Sri Maryazie binti Mohamad Nor
21 Ong Kah Siong
22 Waleed Mohamd Saed Al-Hilali
23 Belal Naji Ali Al-Gabri
24 Wong Chien Chan
25 Nurul Anis Aniza binti Mohd Zamri
26 Derhem Taher Ahmed Al Salahi
27 Dhurgham Adnan Kadhim
28 Muhamad Fikri bin Noor Ali
29 Muhammad Firdaus bin Razali
30 Abdikani Abshir Ahmed
31 Khalid Hassan Esse
32 Mohamed Abukar Ali
33 Abdulrahman Khaleel Midhin
34 Ahmad Nabeel Taha Al-Bayati
35 Syazana Hazwani binti Mohd Ghazali
36 Lee Pui Chin
37 Samir Hashim Habash Al Ameri
38 Nik Hasby Kalsom binti Nik Hashim
39 Abdallah Mohammed Ahmed Alshareef
40 Nurul Ezatty binti Ramly
41 Osman Abdallah Abuzaid Mohammed
42 Seeni Kader Abdul Hameed
43 Deaa Abduljabbar Ahmad Mizher
44 Fathimath Afrah Solih
45 Inthira a/p M.Salvaraja


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Note: Due to unexpected assigned duty to leading Malaysian delegates to the Innovation and High Tech Expo, this week (5 November), we have class as usual and Test 1 will be conducted on 12 November in DP1. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenient.

Class Venue for 26/11/2016: The class will be held at 2pm to 5pm in BK15.

Marks for Test 1

Matric No Marks
GS45753 95
GS43500 90
GS44227 90
GS45368 90
GS43538 86
GS45390 85
GS45489 85
GS45126 82
GS43073 81
GS43953 81
GS40832 80
GS45376 80
GS43731 75
GS45749 73
GS43610 70
GS43670 68
GS43201 66
GS40831 65
GS43043 65
GS43626 65
GS43036 61
GS43995 60
GS45652 60
GS46209 58
GS43625 57
GS45067 55
GS42638 49
GS44648 45
GS42493 44
GS44225 41
GS43055 28
GS45750 23
GS43667 21
GS44331 20
GS42996 19
GS46114 17
GS46240 14
GS42700 12
GS42512 11
GS44330 7
GS45694 5
GS42035 3
GS47202 3
GS41602 0

Marks for Test 2

Matric No Marks
GS43500 96
GS45390 96
GS43731 95
GS43073 90
GS45368 85
GS45753 85
GS45749 83
GS43625 82
GS43036 81
GS43626 80
GS45126 80
GS43043 77
GS43201 76
GS45376 74
GS45489 73
GS40831 72
GS44227 72
GS43953 69
GS44648 68
GS45067 67
GS45652 67
GS43995 63
GS42700 62
GS43610 58
GS44225 55
GS43667 54
GS42493 53
GS40832 51
GS42638 50
GS44331 47
GS42512 36
GS43055 35
GS46209 35
GS43670 30
GS43172 27
GS45694 20
GS42035 17
GS42996 15
GS44330 9
GS47202 9
GS42934 8
GS46240 0

Final Grades

Matric No Grade
GS45368 A
GS45753 A
GS45390 A
GS43953 A
GS43500 A
GS43036 A
GS43731 A
GS43626 A
GS44227 A
GS45376 A-
GS40832 A-
GS44648 A-
GS45749 A-
GS45126 A-
GS40831 A-
GS43625 B+
GS42638 B+
GS45750 B
GS43043 B
GS43073 B
GS43610 B
GS43201 B-
GS43670 B-
GS44225 B-
GS45489 B-
GS45067 B-
GS45652 C+
GS43538 C+
GS42493 C
GS43995 C
GS43667 C
GS46209 C
GS44331 C
GS43172 C-
GS43055 D
GS42700 D
GS45694 F
GS46114 F
GS42512 F
GS44330 F
GS42996 F
GS46240 F
GS42934 F
GS47202 F
GS42035 F
Submit Assignment

Note: Those students who failed in this course or their study status is terminated, can re-sit for final exam on Thursday 26 January at 10:30am in my office.

Please bring your status of termination during your exam. Please note that the mark will be replaced only for your final test and there is no changing in the carry mark.

All the answer books will be sent to SGS, and there is no possibility at all to change any marks after re-sit exam. Best luck.

Result for Re-Sit Exam

Matric No Grade
GS42700 C-
GS42934 F
GS43055 D
GS44330 C-
GS45694 F